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Walking Tour Alentejo

Alentejo - Gastronomy & Wines

Guided Walking Tour - 8 Days

This tour is all about enjoying great food and wine, and learning secrets from the chefs. Alentejo is a region with open horizons, perfect for walking and experiencing an unforgettable adventure.

Train Tour in Portugal

Train Tour in Portugal

Guided - 15 Days by Train, Tram & Funicular

This holiday will take us on some of the most scenic rail routes in Portugal. Along our tour we will enjoy stunning landscapes, and have the opportunity to visit lovely towns and villages.

Self-Guided Tour in Tavira

Self-Guided Tour East Algarve

Walking Tour based in Tavira - 8 Days

This tour is based in Tavira, arguably the Algarve’s most charming town in the quieter part of the Algarve. A mix of easy walks along the coast, the Ria Formosa, and quaint countryside sleepy villages.

Cycling in the East Algarve

Cycling in the East Algarve

Guided Tour - 8 Days of Fun and Adventure

This cycling holiday is like a banquet for your senses as you experience the breathtaking landscapes of East Algarve. Inland, it is possible to meander for miles through enchanted valleys, hear birdsong, see few people and find peace.

Porto Lisbon Tour

Porto & Lisbon - The Great Cities Tour

Guided Tour – 10 Days

This Tour will give the best of the two major cities of Portugal, both steeped in history, yet vibrant and modern at the same time. The tour has many highlights and includes walks to iconic spots, a river trip in the Douro River and a visit to a Port Lodge.

Holistic Meditation Holidays in Portugal

Holistic Meditation Holidays

Guided - 8 Days to Find the Power Within Yourself

This week of healing activities is designed to explore methods and processes to achieve a more balanced life. We’ll use energetic practices, purification, arts and writing, in an idyllic and very tranquil setting, perfect for a relaxed body and mind.

Knights Templars Tour

The Paths of the Knights Templars

Guided - 8 Days Cultural Sightseeing & Easy Walking

We will visit some of the most important and historical sites connected with the Knights Templar. But it will be much more than just visiting castles and abbeys. We will also show you the marvellous countryside and enjoy great food and wine.

Santiago Way Walk

Santiago's Way - Visually Impaired

Guided Tour - 8 Days Multi-Sensory Walking

For both blind/visually impaired and sighted travellers. It’s a great experience, where visual impaired travellers gain a sensory holiday and an empowering independence, and the sighted travellers build mental pictures for those who can’t see.

Great Rivers Vinho Verde

The Great Rivers Of Vinho Verde

Guided - 8 Days Walk along Rio Lima and Rio Minho

A gastronomy & wine tour in the very heart of Portugal based on the two great rivers that flow through the region, in the heart of the Vinho Verde area. A lush, verdant, area producing top wines, along with great food and ancient culture.

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