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Walking & Birding: Algarve Nature Reserves

The Algarve is famous for its fine beaches, golf courses and beautiful coastline but the region's attraction as a birdwatching destination has tended to be overlooked. However, it really does provide top-class birding at almost any time of the year.

Its wonderful variety of habitats and geographical location attract a wealth of breeding and wintering species and at migration times it is an important stopover area for countless birds making their way to or from Africa.

This tour has been specifically chosen to give you the chance of enjoying the very best of Algarve's bird life, while walking in amazing sceneries.

Includes visits to the Ria Formosa Natural Park, to the Castro Verde Special Protection Area , in Alentejo, to the Salt Marsh Nature Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António and a boat trip in the Ria Formosa.

Birding locations include a variety of different habitats and dependent on season and tides we will visit Salinas (saltpans), lakes, salt marshes, hills, steppe grasslands and woodlands.


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The Algarve Way GR 13

The Algarve Way is a long-distance footpath which runs from the Spanish border at Alcoutim on the Rio Guadiana to Cabo São Vincente, at the point where Portugal's southern and western coasts meet.

An epic tour, it stands comparison with the best of the long-distance walks in Europe, with the advantage that the weather is usually more pleasant! It is a rewarding way of seeing the real Algarve on unforgettable routes full of tradition.

The walk forms part of the European footpath network, specifically route GR13. The entire route is 300 kilometers and we have cherry picked the best sections for you to enjoy.

We have built considerable flexibility within this tour to cater for the needs and requirements of individual groups.

Our walks can be as challenging or as relaxing and easy as you want them to be.


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Excursion - The villages in the hills & cork

This Tour takes us to the rolling hills of the Caldeirão Mountains, in Algarve, between thyme and lavender plants and carob trees, where we can hear the babbling of the streams and discover the skills of the craftspeople.

In the historical centre of São Brás, there are whitewashed, single-storey houses built in the popular architectural style, and the grand houses of the former industrialists and businessmen of the cork trade, with their façades clad in tiles, carved stonework and wrought-iron verandas.
The cork from São Brás de Alportel is one of the best in the world and the Algarve is its world's largest grower and exporter, with the cork from this region being used for everything from fine wines to fashion and even NASA spaceships.

Try the fantastic sweets of the region, prepared with almonds, carobs and figs.

Find secret places and special moments off the beaten path and discover the Algarve others do not know about!


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